Cocker Spaniel Training

Though cocker spaniel training tips are many, there are a few “core” training tips that will ensure that the cocker spaniel puppy or dog learns to adapt and take the commands in a positive manner for its own growth.

Training is all about how the cocker spaniel reacts to its owner and learns to follow different rules and commands. There are a number of cocker spaniel training tips that ensure this.

The cocker spaniel is usually known for its lovable, sweet and sensitive temperament and because of this, any physical or verbal punishment including yelling or locking it should be avoided as it can lead to the cocker getting intimidated and withdrawing into a shell or becoming aggressive.

Establishing the fact that the owner is the alpha leader in the family or the pack as understood by the cocker spaniel should be done at the onset of training as this is something which needs to be inculcated in all basic trainings and has to be positively reinforced. The burden is on the owner to make the dog understand that it will be provided for, given food and protected and this in turn will make the dog relax and feel safe. Once it realizes this, it will naturally follow the owner’s commands and respond in a great manner to the training.

Another essential one of the various cocker spaniel training tips is including crate training and starting it right from the time that the cocker is a puppy. The owner must always remember that the crate is meant to be a special place for the cocker and it must be made both comfortable and attractive with toys and water. This training is in consonance with the dog’s natural “burrowing instinct” and in no time, it will become a special place for the dog to relax and rest. The crate must never be used to punish the dog to avoid giving it a negative feel and crate training helps in a great way in house breaking, potty training and in helping curb the problem of separation anxiety in the cocker spaniel, if any.

Obedience training is also regarded by many as one of the basic cocker spaniel training tips as it helps achieve a smooth and consistent pattern of development of the relationship between the owner and the dog. Even professional dog trainers will regards this as one of the best and valuable tips for dog owners to follow up on. Obedience training sessions at home and also with the help of dog trainers can help in achieving great results with both cocker spaniel puppies and dogs. During obedience training, including proper leash training will also supplement the learning process and it will help in establishing a controlled and calm state when the dog has to be taken out for walks and exercising.

There are many helpful cocker spaniel training tips but what must always be remembered is that in all methods and types of training, maintaining consistency throughout, whether in commands, actions and asking other family members to participate on the same lines, will help and prevent any impediment to the entire process.  Dogs learn through repetition and practice and consistency will therefore add value to their growth.