Cocker Spaniel Problems

Cocker spaniels make beautiful and wonderful pets and they are extremely loving and playful dogs. They come with their own set of problems but it must be understood that specific problems have specific solutions and it should not hamper the bond between the owner and the dog.

Cocker spaniel problems include training issues as cockers can prove to be a bit temperamental and can often be guilty of rude behavior during training.  They tend to develop aggression due to dominance issues where they want to establish themselves as the alpha leader and this culminates in aggressive behavior towards other humans and dogs. Such temperament can be observed in incidents of disobeying commands in spite of repeated endeavors, grumbling or growling when annoyed, struggling during bathing or grooming and incessant barking and biting.  However these cocker spaniel problems can be overcome by following crate training, obedience training and house training with the help of family members and through professional help.

Another form of problem that the cocker spaniel and its owner encounter, are its health problems. The cocker is prone to a number of hereditary and congenital diseases. Although other breeds of dogs also have their share of problems, the cocker spaniels’ tendency of being inflicted with numerous health issues is a major concern and a less desirable trait.

Congenital deafness can affect both American and English cocker spaniels and they are also prone to several eye diseases including glaucoma, cataracts, cherry eye and others. They are also prone to allergies including food, contact and inhalant allergies leading to many problems including skin infections.

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) and Hypothyroidism are also among the various cocker spaniel problems to which they are predisposed to and though treatments are available, it becomes a matter of concern and can be quite difficult for both the owner and the dog to go through. Though they are energetic dogs, their tendency to gain weight also leads to back problems among them.

Another aspect of cocker spaniel problems is their behavior issue. On one end, cocker spaniels can be extremely timid to the point of getting agitated in new surroundings even leading to submissive urination and on the other hand, some cocker spaniels may be prone to the ‘rage syndrome’ and may exhibit extremely aggressive behavior even towards their owner for no apparent reason.

Even though there are numerous cocker spaniel problems, they all have their solutions and it must be understood that cocker spaniels very loving animals and they can be taken care of by employing the correct training methods and techniques which in turn can help to form a beautiful relationship between the dog and the owner. They have been extremely prized breeds and cocker spaniels have been known to be among the best of the trophy winners in dog shows over the years owing to their intelligence and their love for different forms of games and activities. These dogs thrive on human companionship and this should be held as the basic premise for tackling with problems relating to them.