Cocker Spaniel Aggression

Aggression among cocker spaniels can be controlled easily with the right attitude and the correct type of training.

It can be noted that Cocker Spaniel aggression can often take place as a result of their genetic history as hunting dogs and such unwanted aggressive behavior can be curtailed by training the puppy right from the beginning in order to curb its tendencies of aggression.

Often, aggression can be because of fear, lack of socializing, possessiveness over its toys and food and authority issues.

In order to deal with Cocker Spaniel aggression in the right manner, one must identify the causes and the type of aggression. Cocker Spaniels tend to act aggressively to strange people, strange dogs, and at times, even to the members of the family.

The most common cause is lack of socializing when the Cocker is still a puppy. Fear of strangers and other dogs should be removed by socializing the puppy with them so that it can get used to it. For this, the owner must give space to the dog and let people wait so that it is made to approach them first. With other dogs, if they show aggression towards each other, the owners must separate them, establish a cam state and then reintroduce them again.

Cocker Spaniel aggression towards family members can occur due to the dog being possessive over its food or toys. This can be identified when every time a member approaches its food or some other object, it growls or snaps. One should take the food or toys away and give it back only when the dog stops showing signs of aggression. It is also important to avoid having small children around the dog when it is eating lest they try to grab its food and one must also never tease the dog with its toys or food particularly when it is behaving well and in an appropriate manner.

It is also important that one should never leave a small child alone with the Cocker without any supervision and the owner must ensure that the dog gets sufficient exercise so that it overcomes its neurotic moods if any and the owner also must maintain a state of calm and assertiveness. This is relevant because of the fact the owner be in charge to reassure the dog that it is in a safe place and the pack leader will ensure its safety.

Cocker spaniel aggression can also be curbed by setting simple rules and taking charge of the house. The owner must step in and take control of his or her personal space and make it clear to the Cocker as to who is the pack leader. The dog should not be allowed to sleep in the same bed and by feeding it according to a fixed schedule plus giving it proper exercise.

Although aggression can be troublesome, with the right kind of training and few adjustments at the right time, it can definitely be sorted and dealt with. Even if one buys an older dog, the tips mentioned above are useful and it can be noted that apart from these methods, Cocker Spaniel Aggression can also be dealt with by taking help from a dog behaviorist or a professional trainer, keeping in mind that it’s a serious issue that must never be ignored.