Cocker Spaniel Behavior

In general, while the cocker spaniel is usually known to be literally, a “man’s best friend” due to its effervescently cute, lovable and affectionate behavior, there are many facets of the behavioral arena of the cocker spaniels.

Cocker spaniel behavior includes many typical characteristics and these are mostly common to the cocker spaniel breed.

Cocker spaniels thrive on human companionship and they have a constant urge to please their masters. It is not surprising to see a cocker spaniel dog to be surrounded with people who are enjoying being amused by the dog, which is showing off different antics. They are an intelligent breed which has made them very popular for shows and competitions and they demonstrate that through their behavior when they are made to do certain tricks or follow commands.

They make wonderful pets and are great with children and love to play all sorts of games due to their playful and energetic nature.

Cocker spaniel behavior, due to its very dependency on company makes it quite prone to issues of separation anxiety and depression problems, especially if they are left alone for long periods of time. Mostly causes of this problem include, apart from loneliness, boredom, poor socialization, excessive attention, extra hours of confinement, a wrong approach to crate training, mistreatment in cases of a rescued or adopted dog given by previous owners and even genetics.

 Another aspect of cocker spaniel behavior, related to the above, includes a constant need for attention and signs include jumping on the owner, following him or her around most of the time, biting, pulling at clothes, stealing things and even going potty in the house.

Cocker spaniel behavior also includes possessiveness towards its belongings, including its food, toys, its cushion and chewing toys coming from a feeling of insecurity and not wanting to share.

One of the most common aspects of the cocker spaniel behavior is its innate stubborn streak and its instinct to try and take charge as being the alpha leader. Most of the times, in all forms of cocker spaniel training, it is suggested that the owner should establish his or her position as the leader in the hierarchy so that the cocker spaniel is able to respect and let the owner take charge.

When cocker spaniel behavior is being talked about, one should also keep in mind that this dog breed can tend to develop a rage syndrome and the owner must always be on the lookout for any signs of aggression without any provocation and positive reinforcement must always be followed in all types of cocker spaniel training.

When the behavioral characteristics of dog breeds are taken into account, there is no doubt that cocker spaniel behavior is considered to be among the best as it is a dog which works best with gentle handling and care and any problems with its behavior, either due to external factors or its inherent weaknesses can always be sorted through the right kind of training and with consistency and love.