Cocker Spaniel Biting

Biting is a characteristic that is common to all breeds of dogs and the cocker spaniel is no exception. Dogs use biting both as a defensive and an offensive mechanism and they employ it for the most basic functions including eating and handling things and toys. However, the owner has to ensure that Cocker Spaniel Biting should only take place as and when necessary.

The important thing to keep in mind is that biting should be controlled at the earliest before it manifests into an aggressive problem and owners should keep that in mind even when the cocker is a mere puppy. No matter how old they are, this habit needs to be curtailed.

The best time to correct Cocker Spaniel Biting is when they are puppies as they are still in the developing phase and are learning. At this time they are in the process of learning to adapt in the pack and a puppy bares its teeth to show that it is in charge. Biting should not be mistaken to be merely teething or playing because the puppy is actually trying to show its assertiveness and dominance! At this stage however, they are very receptive to learning and the owner needs to take the role of the alpha and leader and desist them from biting.

There is a certain way in which puppies interact with their mother and the other puppies in the litter and this can be used to curb their biting. When the puppy bites, one should give a high pitched “NO!” and can ignore it unless it stops and then resume interaction when they are sitting quietly. This can be repeated numerous times. If it doesn’t work, one can always use the help of a professional trainer. One should avoid hitting or swatting the puppy at all costs, as this will only frighten the puppy or increase its aggression. Harsh or physical treatment can eventually ruin their bonds with the owner.

For dogs that are one year old, and have the habit of biting, it is important to set boundaries in the house. The owner has to show a firm and consistent leadership to make the cocker understand that biting is not acceptable. In such cases of Cocker Spaniel Biting, crate training and a good obedience program prove to be of great help. Physical games with the cocker like tug of war or wrestling should be avoided at all costs as the cocker takes it to be a dominance issue.

Immediate attention to any form of biting as a habit should never be neglected because it is only a matter of time when Cocker Spaniel Biting can actually become dangerous, not only for family members but also for other people and dogs.

Biting because of possessiveness over toys and food is also a major reason and it occurs especially when the dog has not been properly socialized and trained. One must respect its personal space, toys and food and train it from day one as a puppy to share and give up its toys and food to the owner. Simple rules like not disturbing its feeding and sleeping time must be observed and children must be taught not to trouble it or pull its tail to avoid the cocker developing aggression. With these simple techniques, Cocker Spaniel Biting as a problem can be curbed and if there are no effective results, professional help can always be taken.