Cocker Spaniel Food

A balanced and well nutritional diet for the cocker spaniel dog will always ensure that it remains healthy, active and leads a long prosperous life. One must keep in mind that cocker spaniels are severely prone to various food allergies and hence it is pertinent that a healthy diet along with reasonable precautions is followed to help the dog maintain a good immune system.

Cocker spaniels are active dogs with a love for activity but since they are also prone to obesity, Cocker Spaniel Food has to be regulated in such a way as to be wholesome and nutritious at the same time. Cocker spaniels should be fed with fresh food including vegetables and this should be included in their diet right from the time that they are puppies so that they become habitual eaters of fresh foods. They should be given vegetables and fruits like broccoli, carrots, spinach and apples but one should avoid citrus fruits like oranges and lime as citrus acids are not handled well by dogs and can lead to diarrhea.

They should also be given fresh foods having protein including good quality boneless chicken, beef, turkey, lamb and fish like salmon. But one should avoid giving them meat with excessive fat content as it can increase their cholesterol levels and cause fatty deposits and they should be kept away from trans and saturated fats. While a certain amount of fat is essential to maintain their shining coats, healthy skin and clear eyes, increased fat can lead to obesity that can be harmful for the cocker. Some cocker spaniels also tend to be allergic towards beef so such doubts must be ruled out with the help of elimination diets.

One can also give them snack on between but the amount must be monitored so that they don’t gain extra weight and they must be weighed often to maintain their health.

Cocker Spaniel Food should also include a decent amount of carbohydrates as these dogs require sufficient energy to keep them active throughout the day and dry cocker spaniel food is also recommended as it is really good for its oral hygiene but one must read the labels of the dog food carefully. Those listing grain as their first ingredient should be avoided and so should soy and wheat to which most cocker spaniels are allergic. The fiber content in such foods should be less than four per cent and they must only contain lean meats.

Apart from cocker spaniel food, essential vitamin supplements are also important for cockers with health concerns and for growing puppies. Veterinarians can recommend a good vitamin supplement to be given along with its daily meals. The quantity and type of cocker spaniel food will vary from puppies to adult dogs and will be slightly separate for female dogs that are carrying puppies or are lactating so advice must be sought from the veterinarian.

If one decides to change brands of packaged food for the cockers, it must be done gradually to allow the dog to become accustomed to it. Also care has to be taken for dogs with food allergies and ingredients of packaged food must always be checked thoroughly.  It is in the dog’s best interest that the owner must always do extensive research on cocker spaniel food items to ensure that whatever is best for the dog is being given to it and using high quality food and supplements will keep the dog in a healthy state.

Lastly but also important, feeding should be made at regularized intervals that aids the dog in its digestion and a disciplined pattern of feeding also aids training.