Cocker Spaniel House Training

In order to ensure that the cocker spaniel pet gets accustomed to the owner and the members of the family and a loving and healthy relationship is established between the members and the dog, cocker spaniel house training as to be carried out at all costs.

This training becomes important not only to discipline the cocker but also to ensure that apart from following rules and being effectively potty trained. Through this, it also learns to respect the space and the boundaries of its owner.

Cocker spaniel house training is an essential tool for establishing ownership as cocker spaniels can develop aggression and are prone to the rage syndrome. They need to be made known as to who is the leader as they have an instinct of following pack rule and try to establish their dominance right from the time that they are puppies!

Without a leader of the pack, dogs have a tendency to either assert their dominance or adopt an “each-to-his-own” attitude which causes a lot of problems and hinders their chances at proper socialization. Thus, the first major step is that the owner must establish his position as the ‘alpha leader’, and the dog needs to be made understood that the owner is a not a friend or an equal. This ensure a good star to house training as everything falls in a pack order and since the owner acts as the provider, the cocker eventually begins to respect and follow simple orders.

In order to achieve the above, the owner should ideally follow respect training, so that there is a clear line of demarcation and the cocker responds to the owner well.  Physical and verbal punishment should be avoided at all costs in this training, as it would only backfire or aggravate the aggression in the cocker. The best way to achieve respect during cocker spaniel house training is to give commands and use positive reinforcement by praising or rewarding the dog for good behavior and ignoring or reprimanding it when it doesn’t behave properly. One should be firm, consistent and precise in such training.

Another important step in the process of good cocker spaniel house training is crate training. Crate training becomes essential because it helps to provide a safe haven for the dog in the house, to have it as its own special place. Through this, the dog learns to relax and enjoy at ease and also avoids going to the bathroom in its crate as it is taught by its mother not to soil the place in which it sleeps. This helps in helping the dog to deal with its separation anxiety issues if any, and helps in dealing with problems like excessive barking and biting. Overall, it is a very important aspect of cocker spaniel house training and helps in curbing various issues that may arise in the course of housebreaking the dog.

It is also important that eating and exercise are scheduled timely so that house training becomes easier. In spite of continued efforts, if one fails to achieve desired results, professional help can always be taken.