Cocker Spaniel Obedience Training

 Obedience training is the single most important thing you can do for your new Cocker pup. Cocker Spaniel obedeince training teaches your pup how to respond in situations they will certainly encounter. Teaching your Cocker Spaniel obedience can also be done at home. Let’s look through the window of Cocker Spaniel obedeince training to determain the benifits you dog will gain.

Cocker Spaniel Obedience Training

First, dogs quickly learn the correct behavior with well delivered commands. It’s a team process. You and your dog learn the commands at the same time. The only difference is that you are giving the command to your pup. Unfortunately, many dog owner give up on training before the dog does. The biggest mistake a dog owner can do is to assume the dog knows what to do and what is acceptable. Dog training should be considered a partnership between each other.

Partnership training examples

Asserting your Dominance - Leadership is key. Your dog needs to know who is in charge so that they will listen to commands. Replicating these behaviors will make it much easier for your dog to follow your commands. Being in charge means being the alpha dog. This needs to be learned by your pup as early as possibe for effective Cocker Spaniel obedience training.

Obedience Commands - This is where it all starts. Learning and teaching the basics go a long way for when they matter the most. The commands, heel, sit, stay, speak and quiet, is where the training starts. Forming the foundation with these behaviours will open the door to easier learning by your dog and lead to learning tricks. Leaning them well is the key with Cocker Spaniel obedience training.

No Biting - A big problem a dog could have. Various levels of obedience training can deal with specific problems and ensure that your dog properly behaves. Solving a biting behavior can be solved easier at an early age of the pup.

Exercise Walk - Is your dog keeping you in shape by pulling you all over the place when walking? Good walking obedience teaches you to control your dog’s actions and movements. Stop them from running circles around you and teach them to sit and heel.

Cocker Spaniel obedience training is an important part of your pups development for becoming a well behaved dog. It also provides the ground work for issues that might need to be addressed. If your dog is under a year old or simply does not behave properly, consider a class to help you get started.

Cocker Obedience Training at Home

Cocker Spaniel obedience is an on going process out side of training class. Simple reinforcement of obedience class lessons should be carried on at home. Don’t forget practice makes perfect and your dog likes nothing more than to be around and pleasing you. You should be consistent, show your dog that you’re in charge at all times and make sure everyone in the household can also follow along with whatever you’ve taught your dog in training.

Don’t expect your dog to things it was not taught to do. People training consist of being reassuring and maintaining proper commands with their dog. This is the only way to be effective. It’s easy for you because you love your pup. You worked so hard to train you dog, this is no time to waffle off. If you stay consistent so will your dog with Cocker Spaniel obedience training.