Cocker Spaniel Obedience

It seems that obedience training in cocker spaniels would be quite easy considering that these dogs are an intelligent breed, depend on human companionship more than other breeds and seem to be eager to please. But in reality, they possess a definite stubborn streak and a tendency towards aggression that can make obedience training for them, though not impossible, but quite challenging. However cocker spaniel obedience can be achieved by employing specific methods and using a consistent and positive approach.

The owner must keep in mind that obedience training is a two way process and dogs respond best to coherent and well delivered commands. For this, the owner has to believe in and make full efforts in understanding and learning the correct way to give commands. The important thing is not to give up in between and proceed diligently with this training.

Achieving cocker spaniel obedience requires excellent communication between the dog and the owner including commands, hand gestures, whistles and other signals. The owner must appreciate and respond to the actions of the dog in the same way as it tries to respond to the commands of the owner, making the same effort.  Therefore it is relevant to actually put oneself in the dog’s shoes to comprehend in an even better manner as to what the dog is trying to say or to anticipate what it is trying to do.

This can be achieved through close interactions with the cocker and trying to understand its unique behavioral characteristics along with the general character aspects of the breed.

Cocker spaniel obedience can be attained through diligent respect training. Respect also has to be given to the dog wherein its food, toys and sleeping time is concerned. The dog has its own mental and physical constraints and the owner must not use that as an excuse for physical or verbal punishment, rather mutual understanding and respect can be established through positive reinforcement.

The owner however has to still maintain his or her position as the alpha superior and to obtain obedience the dog must be made to realize that the relationship is that of being dependant on the owner who is its leader, shelter giver and food provider. When the cocker realizes that the owner is the absolute master, obedience will come very naturally to it.

Biting among cocker spaniels should be controlled right from the time that they are puppies and have teething problems and it should also be controlled among adult dogs.

In cocker spaniel obedience training, the owner must always keep a favorable balance between rewarding and reprimanding. The cocker should be suitably rewarded when it behaves well and reprimanding it with a strict and loud “No!” for wrong actions proves to be quite effective. Physical and verbal punishments and acts like denying the dog its food for bad behavior will only back fire the whole process of obedience training as the dog will begin to harbor negative feelings or as is with cocker spaniels, it may retreat into submission or develop the ‘rage syndrome’.

It is important during cocker spaniel obedience training to be loving yet firm with the cocker spaniel puppy or dog. It is only when the owner gives proper care and encouragement that the dog will also respond well. One must inculcate obedience in everyday life of the dog right from potty training to taking proper walks and not pulling on its leash. Use of a professional trainer can also be taken but the owner must keep the process ongoing so that the cocker spaniel turns out to be well behaved and socialized.