Cocker Spaniel Potty Training

Not only is it essential for the owner of the house to maintain a clean and healthy environment within the house, but it is also important that the dog is disciplined and taught the correct household manners as it is also a member of the family.

The correct cocker spaniel potty training is actually the foundation for other trainings including obedience training and socialization with other humans and dos. This basic training helps in the all-round development of the cocker as a well-adjustable pet.

The basic premise of this teaching is that where all family members all involved in potty training, the entire family should be on the same age and should follow the same rules so that the puppy does not get confused.

Cocker spaniels are happy and playful by nature and they respond most favorably to positive and gentle commands. In this training, it is important to be specific and consistent and if the owner has decided on positive reinforcement including encouraging and training the puppy to go to potty outside the house, than it must be followed diligently.

One of the problems that arises in cocker spaniel potty training is that most of the times, the owners only command the puppy to go and do potty outside rather than specifying a designated area. Necessary has to be given during the initial stages of training and the owner must accompany the puppy, point out to a specific place or a litter box and wait for it to finish.

Some important ways through which cocker spaniel potty training can be made easy is by rewarding or verbally praising the puppy when it goes to potty in the right place for positive reinforcement. If it starts to have an accident, on can pick him up and put him in the right place to finish and the puppy will eventually start catching on.

Doe effective cocker spaniel potty training, it is pertinent to establish a strict routine and a timed schedule where the puppy actually understands the routine of going to potty.

One must be aware of the signs that the dog shows which suggest that it want to go to potty for example, sniffing from place to place and anxiously roaming around in circles. For this, the dog should not be allowed to roam the entire house during the potty training process to ensure that you can catch on to its signs.

Cocker spaniel potty training with older dos is also possible but one has to start from the beginning and retrain the dog by keeping a close watch on it and waiting for the right signals.

When crate training is being accompanied by potty training, the owner must always ensure that the crate is of the right size and is not too large as to be able to allow the dog to go to the bathroom inside it.

In case one finds it difficult to achieve results or continue, cocker spaniel potty training is also carried out with the help of professional trainers. However with patience, persistence and consistency and positive reinforcement, cocker spaniels can be easily potty trained in a matter of weeks.