Cocker Spaniel Temperament

Cocker spaniels are extremely lovable and playful dogs with a cherry disposition and they absolutely adore being around family members and are great with children. It is this remarkably loving and affectionate nature that has even given this breed its nickname, being the “merry cocker”!

Because of the cocker spaniel temperament, they are also very loyal and thrive on human companionship and are able to provide wholesome entertainment.

According to their genetic history, there are two kinds of cocker spaniel breeds, the working dog and the show dog. In England, they were bred as hunting dogs and were used for tracing and fetching fallen game as they were an intelligent breed and were easy to train. The American cocker spaniel was in fact at one point of time, the most popular dog breed in the United States. Because of the cocker spaniel temperament, its intelligence and cuteness that it even boasted of owners including many US Presidents like Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon!

Its trustworthiness and lovability makes it ideal for families and because it is so energetic and thrives for attention, it is an ideal play companion for children.

Though they prove to be great friends and playmates for family members and children, they are not ideal guard dogs, as their friendly nature can prove to be a bit of a disadvantage as rather than warding off unknown elements, they may rather end up playing and showering affection over them!

Their eagerness to please their owners makes them want to learn new tricks and they love to show off their little talents so much that this can actually help to train them well. Their enthusiasm makes them good and attentive learners and their boundless energy can make them go on for a long time. The cocker spaniel temperament can actually help to de-stress and help the owner and other family members to unwind and it brings positivity and makes the home environment a playful and fun loving one.

 They can be a bit stubborn at times, but with the right kind of obedience training and socialization, these little problems can be overcome and the original cocker spaniel temperament can actually be honed in on, to make them a great pet.

Even though they possess a very sweet and loving nature, cocker spaniel aggression can occur but it can be controlled through various methods including crate training and respect training.  Aggression is a problem, but it can be handled with the right kind of attitude and training, starting right from the time that the cockers are puppies.

They make adorable, gentle and extremely loving pets and their beauty is also a merit along with their nature to please and play.  This breed goes back to centuries, and from times immemorial, the cocker spaniel temperament has proved to be one of the major reasons for their popularity throughout the world. Therefore, a good attitude towards their training, wholesome care and love and a healthy diet with the right kind of exercise will ensure that the cocker spaniel enjoys a long and healthy life and makes a wonderful pet which gives happiness to people around it.