Cocker Spaniel Tips

When buying or adopting a dog, most prospective owners will get similar tips from sellers, breeders, canine experts and friends. Most of the times however, it is essential to know that every dog breed has its certain characteristics and traits and there are many nuances of their personalities that one should be familiarized with before arriving at a decision. The decision pertaining to keeping a dog can vary from guarding to having a family pet and can even be for the purposes of providing help plus companionship to the disabled and the elderly.

The cocker spaniel possesses several traits, including its merry disposition, keen intelligence and stubbornness. It can be often prone to aggression and something known as the “rage syndrome” in dogs but can be easily controlled with timely and efficient training techniques.

There are a few cocker spaniel tips that one should always keep in mind.

This breed is unfortunately prone to a number of major health issues. But this is not a big barrier and will not necessarily prevent one from going ahead as a lot of research can be made prior to buying the dog. One should get in touch or find out about a recommended dog breeder as inbreeding in these dogs leads to most of their health problems, both physical and mental. Once the buyer has honed in on a breeder, he or he must request certain tests to be performed, especially for the eyes, ears, hips and knees. These are the sensitive areas and most of the problems lead to genetics so a family history can also be ascertained to foresee future problems. So knowing and choosing the right dog is one of the important cocker spaniel tips.

One of the first essential cocker spaniel tips includes potty training the dog as soon as one brings it to the house. This is one of the foremost trainings that must be followed with the cocker spaniel puppies or dogs because it sets the foundation for the rest of the training to commence. Once the cocker is being diligently potty trained, it will easily respond to other commands and rules. A thorough regime and timed schedule of bowel and bladder movements must be scrutinized and the owner has to closely supervise and aid the cocker spaniel during this process.

Cocker spaniel tips also include obedience and respect training as well. These definitely need to be imparted as lessons for good behavior to curb any signs and tendencies of the cocker spaniels to indulge in excessive barking or biting, unprovoked aggression or jumping unnecessarily. This tip is important as the cocker spaniel, right from the time that it is a puppy will seek to establish its dominance, because of natural pack leader instincts and the owner has to let it know that he or she is the alpha or leader in the house.

Lastly, but most importantly, looking after the health and taking essential care of the cocker spaniel dog through its grooming is very important in order for the dog to have a healthy and prolonged life. This is certainly one of the crucial cocker spaniel tips and it embarks upon the fact that though these dogs are prone to illnesses which can be both hereditary and congenital, by ensuring that their external environment and surroundings are safe and healthy, they can be brought up as healthy and energetic dogs. A healthy and nutritious diet including the correct amount and type of exercise will help in maintaining the health of these wonderful pets.