Cocker Spaniel Training Tips

If you’re looking for some good tips on Cocker Spaniel training, it’s a good idea to first know where to start. Learn what your Cocker actually needs from you in a training situation and then learn how to give it to them. Your Cocker Spaniel is a smart dog to begin with but never assume it is smarter than it actually is. Cocker Spaniel training means that the pup will simply react to you. Being part of the pack and being accepted is important to your dog despite its animal instincts. This is a major part of Cocker Spaniel training.

Need to fix negative behaviors with your pup?

In Cocker Spaniel training one should focus in on the expressions of the dogs natural instincts. Never yell or scold your Cocker Spaniel. We are dealing with a sweet, gentle and sensitive personality here. Your Cocker does not response very well to yelling and scolding. 

 Core Dog Training Tips

Every dog owner should consider a few basic things when training their best friend. Here are some basic Cocker Spaniel training tips to make your training a lot easier all across the board.

Crate Training - Every dog needs a place it can claim its own. It provides a place of safty and comfort. Your Cocker Spaniel will get comfortable with the crate over a little time with Cocker Spaniel training.  Once comfortable you’ll notice your dog retreating to its crate when it needs a little peace from its surroundings. The crate is not meant to use as punishment. Avoid this as all cost. Most dog trainers will agree that a crate has many benefits including house breaking, reduction in barking and anxiety issues.

Leash Training - With Cocker Spaniel training, teaching your dog to walk in a clam controlled manner is a must. It is an important part of the training. While the controlled state allows the dog to respond to your commands, it also has a clamming effect on the dog prior to going for a walk. The majority of dogs with leash issues are simply allowed to run around outside and pull. If your dog pulls on the leash, make them sit and wait by your side before walking again. You’ll get fast results as your dog starts to associate that pulling sensation with the stop of walk.

The Alpha Position - The position that you hold in your house relates to the most important Cocker Spaniel training tip. Simply put, dog training is the not the dogs burden. A dog generally doesn’t understand what you say and doesn’t know what you want. The burden fall on you to teach your dog who is the pack leader and who has control. Once they stop worrying about being protected and learn to relax they will follow your commands.

Obedience Training - Some people over look this basic fundamental. Obedience training is the basis of which to build on. This is the most valuable tip you’ll get from any professional trainer. Classes will teach you to strengthen and maintain your leadership position, show control over your new pup and give specific well delivered commands. You can supplement your home training with obedience training classes to further enhance your Cocker Spaniel training and results.

The Importance of Consistency

The secret to a well mannered dog is consistency. At this point you have entered in to a special relationship with our Cocker Spaniel. Cocker Spaniels may appear to be smart breed, and they are. Keep in mind that in most cases much of what they have learned has been through repetition. Maintaining a stable environment is also important in Cocker Spaniel training. If you only make them sit when you have time for it, they will get confused and excited and stop following your commands. If you set a rule, be consistent with it and ensure everyone in your home does the same. Having a well trained Cocker Spaniel is well worth the effort. You’ll get real value from Cocker Spaniel training. Confer with a trainer regarding your Cocker before enrolling into a class.