English Cocker Spaniel Training

The English cocker spaniel dog has the most lovable personality and it looks absolutely adorable with its constant grin and beautiful coat along with its long ears. However this breed of dog tends to have a stubborn streak and can be obstinate at times, not paying heed to commands. This is exactly the reason why English cocker spaniel training becomes very important for both cocker spaniels and puppies. Training is important for all breeds of dogs but it is also the English cocker spaniel’s intelligence, adaptability and eagerness, which makes it a good candidate for training.

Dogs have an inherent “pack instinct”. As is the case in the wilderness, they also seek to establish a dominant relationship in the house. To achieve significantly effective results in English cocker spaniel training, the owner has to step in and make the dog understand that its position is below the owner and other family members in the hierarchy and family includes children and babies.

If the dog is not made to realize this, it will remain confused and anxious and there are high chances that it may try to take over through an act of aggression or misbehavior. Packs always need a leader and any sign of weakness from the owner or another person will result in the cocker’s attempt to establish leadership! Therefore once the owner establishes dominance, the whole process of English cocker spaniel training becomes much easier.

There are specific types of behavior that the cocker spaniel may show and they need to be handled in a planned and consistent manner through proper English cocker spaniel training methods.

According to dog behaviorists and canine experts, there are certain actions and behaviors that are typical to English cocker spaniels and a check must be kept on them to initiate steps of training whenever possible.

Sometimes, the dog refuses to obey the command and even barks back at the owner when asked to not to something. It also troubles the owner, seeking attention especially when one is busy with other activities. The habit of ‘grumbling’ is also very common though it seems amusing but should not be taken lightly! They even brace their legs in a tug of war position when they are unwilling to let go of something.  English cocker spaniels even steal food and indulge in vengeful acts against the owners apart from creating a ruckus during grooming sessions.

Many other signs of inappropriate behavior include excessive barking, biting and chewing on things and incessant digging.

Indeed English cocker spaniel training not only helps in ensuring that the dog behaves in a proper manner at home but it also helps in avoiding such acts by the dog that may also cause nuisance to neighbors and other people. The cocker, by undergoing consistent and firm training, learns to adapt in the environment of the owner and this also leads to a feeling of security for the dog, that is is being provided for by its pack leader, that being the owner.