Games to Play with your Cocker Spaniel

Engaging your Cocker Spaniel in play has many benefits. The Cocker loves to play so you will never be short of a playing companion. The playful nature of the Cocker is why they get along so well with children. They have tendency to wear each other out. Two of the benefits that most dog owner find is that playing with their pup is relaxing and stress relieving.

Cocker Spaniel SoccerIf your Cocker Spaniel has tendencies toward boredom and anxiety, you’ll find it very beneficial for the dog. Cocker spaniels are easy to keep busy and keeping them busy reduces the excess pent up energy. In addition by keeping the pup busy you are keeping them thinking. This keeps your dog keen and makes them easier to train.

A simple game of fetch requires a significant amount of metal energy and can be exhausting for the pup. Energy is something your Cocker Spaniel has plenty of and is unlikely to run short on. So, no need to worry.

Playing the Right Games

Playing fun games will help to further bond the pup with the owner. There are a variety of simple games that are effective and popular to engage in. Here are a few worth mentioning.

Hide and Seek

This is fun for both you and your dog. You simply hide and call the dog. When he finds you get excited and let him know it was a job well done. To make it more interesting and challenging make it harder for the dog to find you. This can be done by hiding in smaller spaces in different rooms.


Playing fetch is game your dog will love to play constantly. The game should be controlled and it will be up to you to let your dog know when to stop. The toy you use for playing fetch should only be used for playing fetch sessions. The toy should be put away when play is finished. The Cocker Spaniel will associate the toy with the fetch game. All other toys will have a different association. The key command in playing fetch is to teach the dog to drop or let go of the toy once it brings it back to you.

Simon Says

Have short session on tricks the dog has learned. Make sure to use the same commands your dog learned the tricks with. Always praise them and provide a treat only if the dog performs the trick the correct way. This is a great way to keep your Cocker keen and further enforce what he has learned.

Treasure Hunt

This will give your Cocker Spaniel’s brain a work out. Here is how it works, hide treats outside or inside your home. Help your Cocker find them with a few hints at first. Your Cocker Spaniel will catch on quickly. To make it more interesting hide the treat inside some toys. This is a fun game and you will learn a few things about your dog in the thinking process.


Play wrestling is good only if the dog is remains gentle. The moment the dog start to show aggression it is time to stop play. You do not want to encourage any type of unwanted aggressive behavior. Let your dog know the boundaries, no biting or aggressive manners. Stopping play immediately will let the dog know that the rough behavior is unacceptable. Only continue play when your dog has calmed down.

Tug of War

You have to be careful here as to avoid any aggressive and dominant behavior as with tug of war. Here is the trick, always have one toy for this game such as a toy rope. Only use this toy for this game only. After you finishing playing tug of war the toy should be put away. In addition the dog must learn to drop the toy on your command. As with play wrestling if your dog shows signs of nipping and aggression, Stop play until the dog has calmed down.

Playing with your Cocker Spaniel on a daily basis will help with your training and a great way to bond with your pet. Learning new tricks can be fun for all and is a very beneficial way to further instill the stop, sit, heel and stay commands. These vital commands will come in handy should you find yourself in an uncertain or unfavorable situation some day.

The most important thing is to keep the games fun and to be consistent with commands. All family members should be aware of what to do and what not to do during play sessions. Keep the games positive and discourage bad behaviors.

Playing the right way has many benefits as you can see. Without any question, your dog will have the most fun. In addition, besides having fun as well, you will also enjoy the benefits of a well exercised Cocker Spaniel pup. Who knows, you just might have the next Frisbee champ in your home!