Golden Cocker Spaniel Temperament

Golden cocker spaniels are beautiful dogs and the golden glossy colour of their coats is an added merit to their beauty which makes them look absolutely stunning.  They can be a light or medium shade of golden in colour or they can be darker, which actually gives the shade of their coats a dark reddish hue, because of which they can be referred to as red cocker spaniels.

There has been a lot of debate on the issue of the golden cocker spaniel temperament wherein there seems to be a majority opinion that solid coloured cockers including golden and red ones are prone to the “cocker rage syndrome” among cocker spaniel dogs. Research and studies have attempted to show a link between the cocker spaniel’s coat colour and its behavior as the coat pigment melanin shares a common biochemical pathway with brain chemicals involved in the control of aggressive behavior.

Though it is said that one should not unfairly generalize all golden cocker spaniels but it must be observed that the among the breed, in the English variety, Golden, cockers and male cockers are “likely” to be more hostile. So the best approach is to be slightly careful if one is inclined towards buying or adopting the golden cocker and while this should not unduly influence the decision to buy or adopt, the knowledge pertaining to the golden cocker spaniel temperament can always be utilized to be aware and take necessary precautions.

Prevention is certainly better than cure and with the right kind of obedience training and regular veterinarian checkups owners can certainly enjoy a beautiful bond with their golden cocker spaniel pets.

While keeping this is mind, prospective and current owners must also make sure that the cockers are taken through proper obedience and respect training right from the start when they are puppies.

This is essential, as the golden cocker temperament may be such, that like most cocker spaniels, it will also try to establish its dominance, according to its natural wild instinct and if this is not corrected, it may become aggressive and may indulge in misbehavior. The owner must teach the dog that he or she is the alpha leader and approach its training with firmness and consistency.

It is not uncommon that in spite of the independent and stubborn streak, golden cockers may also suffer from bouts of depression and separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long. The owner must make sure to crate train them or indulge in training exercises and if one has work that keeps the person away from home for long periods of time, it is recommended to keep another cocker spaniel, another friendly breed of dog or a canine friendly cat to give the dog company. This is truly a trait that the cocker spaniel breed has, and the golden cocker spaniel temperament is not exclusive when it comes to a fear of being left alone or abandoned.

So basically, it is important to understand, that one’s’ love for the golden cocker spaniel should be channelized into giving the dog the maximum and appropriate care and training. While a lot of studies and research are stressing that golden cocker spaniels are not good as family pets, because of their aggressive golden cocker spaniel temperament, in case one still wants to go ahead. Necessary precautions should be kept in mind and these precautions should ideally be followed with all and any breed of dog, when it comes to the safety of children. This would certainly call for a lot of obedience to be inculcated in the mind of the dog, right from the start.  All dogs may be capable of misbehavior and all dogs are also capable of making loving, protective and wonderful pets.