How To Stop Cocker Spaniel Biting

Dog biting can be a big menace, especially when the cocker spaniel pet targets not only family members, but because of a lot of times, troubled pet owners have to shell out money from their pockets to pay for shots because their dog bit their neighbor! It is important to develop a habit to refrain the cocker spaniel dog from biting, right from the time that it is a puppy.

There are many steps of how to stop cocker spaniel biting.

When the cocker spaniel is still a puppy, they are in a phase when they are most adaptable and they can learn easily. One can use the biting inhibition method, wherein the owner can mimic the mother of the puppy and reprimand it whenever it tries to bite by grabbing the puppy by the back of its neck very lightly and letting it go, while simultaneously making a whining sound. Through this, the puppy will understand that this behavior is unacceptable and this action should be repeated as often as it takes.

When one is trying training in how to stop cocker spaniel biting, it is pertinent to comprehend that the puppy is not merely playing or teething when it bites, it is actually trying to assert its dominance! This is where one needs to put a stop to biting immediately before it is ignored and it becomes a habit.

Wherein the cocker spaniel is prone to biting, physical games should be avoided. Such rough games are very likely to give a wrong idea to the cocker spaniel and games like tug of war, wrestling, or other such games should not be played and if there are any children in the house, they should also be advised to do the same. This is an effective way in how to stop cocker spaniel biting.

One definitely needs to assert the authority on the cocker spaniel. One should however avoid any physical or excessive verbal punishment as this would only lead to further negativity between the owner and the dog. When the dog tries to bite, it is best to make a loud sound with a command like “NO!” or “STOP!” and after that ignore all advances of the dog when it tries to seek attention or tries to bite again. One can always give it a chewing toy instead and when it only bites it toys, it can be rewarded or praised as a means of positive reinforcement for good behavior.

At the same time, it is also important that respecting the dog will also help in ways of how to stop cocker spaniel biting. Its space must also be respected, and it should never be disturbed while eating or sleeping. Crate training is also an effective means and it should be well equipped with sufficient chewing toys for the cocker spaniel to retreat into its space and relax.

If the older cocker spaniel tends to bite, and it is difficult to control its behavior, it is best to seek immediate professional help. Small habits if left ignored can lead to serious problems and such help can prove very beneficial in how to stop cocker spaniel biting.