How to Stop Dog Flatulence

Who Else Wants to Know How to Stop Dog Flatulence Fast!

If you ever had the unfortunate experience to be in the presence of dog with gas, you know that it’s enough to knock you over. How did something so nasty and foul get inside your dog? I don’t know which is worst the silent squeeze or the noisy kind but in my book either one will momentarily stop you from breathing and cause you to bolt for some fresh air. The only problem with this is that your dog may think you are in a playing mood and follow you out the door, or It could be that the dog is looking for some relief as well.

You can try but you will not be able to sugar coat this action by your dog with your company. Oh yeah, it may be funny the first time but it soon wears thin especially if you are having dinner. By the way, have you ever noticed that after a dog breaks wind he’ll gently get up and leave the room?

So what can you do to stop the dog from cutting the big one? The following will help address and provide solutions to solve dog flatulence.  First we need to find out what is creating the gas.

What Creates the Gas?

Well good news! You can bet your dog is not too happy about this either. Gas issues are normally associated to a dietary imbalance that can be addressed and dealt with quickly, providing relief for both you and the dog. The breakdown of food by bacteria in their stomachs can be the main cause. It may also be caused by worms and or parasites. To start with, we just need to find out what the heck the dog is eating to create this turbulence of dog flatulence.

Stopping Dog Gas

You can’t train your dog not to pass gas or politely excuse itself, but there are measures you can take to ward off the gas attacks. The following solutions are easy and quick to administer.

Twelve Action Steps to End Dog Flatulence

1) Stop feeding the dog table food immediately.

2) This means no salsa and chips as well. No human snacks.

3) It’s not cool to give your dog a sip of beer once in a while either.

4) The kids may think that giving the dog ice cream is cool.  Let the dog  sleep  in their room for a couple of nights.  This will change their minds quickly.

5) No treats unless they are low in fat and of high quality dog treats, in addition no cheese, beans, hot dogs and scraps. Some people use table scrapes as treats to teach their dog new tricks. What is that all about?

6) It may be time to change your dog’s food with a more nutritious platter. Remember to introduce any new food gradually, a one to four ratio the first day and increase the amount every two days after that. You don’t want to upset that boiler any more than it is.

7) Give the dog a cup of papaya juice. It works wonders to settle the dog’s stomach and they love it.

8) Yogurt has similar qualities and dogs love it as well. Only do this until the wind dies down. Should be rather quick.

9) If you feed your dog once a day try feeding your dog less but more often. Dog’s in a hurry to eat will shallow air in the process. This causes air to get trapped in their intestines and stomach.

10) You can also try to improve their digestion by offering them a pro-biotic. Some foods come with pro or pre-biotics. Check with your local pet store for more information.

11) Visually check your dogs stood for tiny white worms or parasites. If you see any of  these get your dog to the vet for the proper treatment.

12) Cooked plain white rice or pasta with some plain boiled chicken can provide relief from gastrointestinal upset.

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The following is a list of items your dog should never eat. If you think your dog ate something toxic, contact the Animal Poison Control Center immediately. The call could save your dog’s life.

Here is the list; Chocolate, candy and gum, macadamia nuts, grapes and raisins, fruit pits and seeds, onions, avocado, fat scraps, coffee, tea and other coffined products, milk and dairy products, raw eggs, mushrooms, salt, sugar and sugary food and drinks, human medicine, nutmeg, other spices and alcohol. It’s good idea to make your food pantry dog proof.

 Dog flatulence is rarely a serious problem. However, in severe cases of dog flatulence, it is recommended to confer with your vet to rule out any possible medical problems. With a mild to medium problem, the above suggestions will put you on the right track to dramatically reduce and end the unsuspected gaseous attacks.