Potty Training Cocker Spaniels

The first thing that all prospective dog owners are usually advise when they bring a new puppy own and what is generally followed by experienced owners is that potty training the puppy is the most essential thing to start with.

Cocker spaniels for that matter need to be potty trained right from the start AT ALL COSTS as there are specific reasons.

Potty Training Cocker Spaniels is very important for a few reasons, specifically pertaining to the behavioral characteristics of cocker spaniels.

Cocker spaniels often have a tendency to suffer from submissive urination. When they are faced with an unfamiliar situation or people, or are harboring feelings of anxiety, stress or are agitated, they tend to urinate spontaneously at this can happen anywhere, including on furniture, objects, on floor or even on people!

Submissive urination can be inconvenient and embarrassing for the owner and it also has a bit of a negative effect on the cocker.

At times, cocker spaniels also have a rather unpleasant and disgusting habit of eating their own faeces or poop, a condition also known as coprophagia. Reasons are varied and can include insufficient diet, cleaning its space if confined for long, imitating another dog, being overfed, anxiety and even for seeking attention.

Such reasons make potty training cocker spaniels, number one on the ‘to do list’ in training cockers, and undoubtedly like everything, it needs to be done from the start when the cocker is a puppy and also had to be carried out only through positive reinforcement techniques. A simple “go potty here” and pointing to the exact designated area is much easier and better than constantly stopping the puppy from going to potty in a number of unwanted places. One needs to understand that as much as a cocker spaniel’s intelligence is appreciated, at the end of the day it’s a dog and you will need to make things clearer in order to prevent confusion and make it less inclined towards its inherent natural instincts and tendencies.

Also while potty training cocker spaniels, it is best to choose a designated area outside the house as it will inculcate a habit for the cocker to always go outside, though some owners, especially those living in high rises, use newspapers or puppy toilet pads. But if the habit if going outside to potty is made, the cocker will get used to it and its bowel and bladder movements will also get regulated.

Specific commands will also help in reinforcement like “go potty” when the cocker is performing the activity and this helps for the cocker to associate with training commands.

Potty training cocker spaniels is strict business and at no time should the owner resort to distract the puppy or dog during such training and all members of the family should be on the same plane in potty training to avoid any confusion.

 Crate training and potty training actually go hand in hand and the dog, which avoids soiling the place where it sleeps, automatically gets into the habit of going outside.

Potty training cocker spaniels is the cornerstone of a good regime of training the cocker spaniel dog and it helps to overcome its inherent tendencies as well as makes sure that there is both discipline and hygiene in the house.