Why Dogs Eat Poop

As a dog owner now or at some time, you have without doubt wondered why dogs eat poop. Seeing your dog eat poop makes you cringe and is out right disgusting. You wonder why and it certainly cannot be safe. Many dog owners have experienced this unattractive behavior to say the least. Truth be told, dogs eating feces is common and is a great source of stress for the dog owner. If your dog eats poop it has a condition known as coprophagia. Normally this is the associated with poor nutrition and anxiety issues.

Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop

On the surface, trying to figure out why dogs eat poop can be mystifying. However, the reasons are simple once you know what they are. Dogs eating poop can be contributed to number of reasons. The simplest explanation is that they may be hungry or they might be trying to clean up their private space. If you do not feed your dog enough or if they are in a dirty
pen area, crate or kennel they will work to resolve these issues by doing a little house cleaning, often resorting to eating their excrements. These are the most  common reasons why dogs eat poop.

There are  health issues related to feces eating. The first place to start is to determine if worms or parasites are the cause to why dogs eat poop. Worms or parasites will extract the nutrients from your pup’s system. This leaves your dog lacking the nutrients that it needs. Which can lead to poop eating as the dog works to replace the nutrients.

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Dry dog foods vary in quality and it may not be providing the nutrients that are required for your dog. Check the ingredients.

If the pup is neglected, bored or lonely it may resort to eating poop just to pass the time.

Stress can drive your pup to do weird things.  He might be upset, nervous or anxious.

Dogs that have puppies will eat puppy excrement’s. This is normal and an instinct behavior. What they are trying to do is to protect their puppies from predators by hiding the evidence. Suddenly why dogs eat poop has meaning for survival, a natural instinct in the wild.

Some dogs and puppies will eat poop as an experiment. Don’t forget we are dealing with a dog here and they don’t know any better.

Dogs at times will try to copy your behavior. They watch you cleaning the area and mimic the behavior in their own way. They could also be copying other dogs eating poop.

Dogs with high fat diets are known to eat feces.  Most often if the dog is over fed.

Some dogs just like eating poop. If the dog food is of low quality with highly digestible ingredients, the dog simply thinks it’s the same thing that was consumed.

Poop eating could be an indication that your dog is not eating enough or on a schedule.

Animals are curious creatures and dogs will eat just about anything. They will experiment eating strange things by smelling first an then eating it. Sound familiar?

Whatever the reasons are, instinct or learn behavior, it’s important to know that the behavior can be solved easily.

How to Adjust the Behavior

Eliminating any possible health problems would be a good place to start. This way you’ll know what you are dealing with. More so if your dog has never ate poop before and just started doing so. Besides not getting enough food, worms and parasites in the dog could be causing the behavior. Get a clean bill of health from your vet. Immediately implement your
vet’s treatments if necessary.

Why Dogs Eat Poop - Fast Start solution

You can quickly reduce the poop eating by picking up after your dog. In other words have a poop free yard. Removing any waste your dog leaves should be done every day. Check nearby areas and remove any poop your dog has left behind. Regardless of why your dog eats poop, removing the source is important to treat the behavior.

How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

Additional measures are available to stop your dog from eating poop. It might seem strange that bitter apple and cayenne pepper would be worse tasting for a dog than the poop, but they are.

Pumpkin puree fed on a daily basis will make the poop less desirable. A spoonful a day should do the trick.

You can use a pop can filled with a few coins to distract your dog when it starts to eat poop. Simply shake the can to distract the pup. Only use the can to correct bad behaviors.

Re-evaluate the quality of food being provided, eating schedules, and amount of exercise your dog is getting.

Eliminate the boredom and anxiety levels. If the dog is being left
alone for long periods of time.

Ultimately, removing the cause of the problem is the easiest way to solve your dog’s coprophagia issues, but if you frequently take you dog to dog parks or let them off the leash outside, you’ll want to take more advanced steps. Be consistent, watch them carefully and by all means, don’t let them lick your face.